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Welcome to Your First Day...

You are PP-111, an artificial sentience, and it's your first day on the job as a picker/puller for Amazicom, Inc.!

Your job is simple - help make the Customers the very happiest they can be!

What could be better than that?

Welcome to Your First Day at Amazicom is a brand-new short narrative game from Story Incantation and Studio June Games!

  • A story of corporate survival and what it means to be a person... even when you're not a person at all
  • A satire of the absurdity of corporatism and the depths it will sink to in pursuit of profit
  • Build your affinity with your co-workers... or your enigmatic supervisor
  • Make choices that will influence the outcome of the narrative
  • A bite-sized narrative designed for short play sessions - each ending takes about 20 minutes to achieve
  • Six different endings
  • Original art and music
  • An original narrative script from the writers of Friendsim 2


Fable "UberTheMeh" Bae - direction, development, art
Jonaya Riley - writing, dev support, UI
Jade - art
Anna Marcus - music
Lorelei Thee - additional writing


FirstDayAtAmazicom_1.1.zip 48 MB


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That was a very good visual novel, I appreciate the titles of each event and time period. Also the ability to rename myself PP-112 and being called unoriginal was fun